What’s a Vasectomy?

Technically speaking, a vasectomy may be a surgically induced disconnection of the ductus deferens . The ductus deferens is that the tube that permits the sperm to go away each testicle.

Each ductus deferens may be a foot long and goes up and out of the scrotum, into the pelvis, and back round the bladder, where it connects with the urethra.

No needle no scalpel technique, exposing each vas successively through a small opening within the front scrotal wall under local anaesthesia . Since the opening is so small, it’s easy to use anesthesia without the utilization of needles. a sprig applicator (MadaJet®) delivers a stream of anesthetic so fine that it penetrates the skin and diffuses to a depth of about 3/16 of an in. , enough to surround and anesthetize each vas tube successively because it is lifted into position beneath the skin.99%, of patients require no more anesthetic than this for completion of the procedure itself without pain.

Some, about 1%, of patients do require injection of a touch more anesthetic, but since the skin and vas are already partially numb, injection of more anesthetic with a fine needle rarely causes quite the slightest sensation. No needle no scalpel vasectomy the small opening within the dime-sized area of numb skin is formed with a sharp hemostat: one tip makes a pinpoint opening, then the 2 tips are wont to spread and enlarge the opening to about 1/4 of an in. . Since blood vessels within the skin are spread apart instead of cut, bleeding is a smaller amount than when a scalpel is employed , no stitches are required, and therefore the opening is typically sealed closed (often barely visible) by subsequent day.

Is the vasectomy operation painful?

I can safely say that quite 99% of men tolerate vasectomy very easily.

The most painful parts of a vasectomy are:

1. Infiltration of the local anesthesia into the scrotal skin. this is often like getting a needle at the dentist. i exploit very thin needles

2. Infiltration of local anesthetic around each ductus deferens . While not painful intrinsically , it can give an uncomfortable feeling into the abdomen, such as you may feel if kicked within the testicles. That said, the feeling is typically quite transient (less than a few of seconds)

3. If there’s any excessive tugging. Men with short scrotums may require a touch more squeezing and tugging than others and in rare situation it’d be necessary to abandon the procedure and perform it under sedation of general anesthesia . In my experience this happens in around 1 in 200 cases.

No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy Painless?

Patient factors like absolute threshold , anxiety levels around needles and anatomy of the genitals all play a neighborhood . But on the entire it’s usually easily performed under local anesthetic with no major discomfort. for any quesry please Contact.

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